At HAMANN, we take pride in our reputation for offering outstanding customer service throughout the entire service life of our products. Spare parts, technical support and field service are available worldwide through HAMANN AG direct or through our  global network of more than 40 sales agents and service partners. Our team of service technicians includes those who have undergone BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) trainings and are therefore qualified to work on offshore installations.

HAMANN customer service and support is available wordwide and onlineHAMANN CUSTOMER SERVICE SOLUTIONS


Our service team is happy to assist you by phone, e-mail or video chat for all questions related to the operation of your HAMANN plant. No matter whether it concerns the optimisation of settings, malfunctions of the plant, maintenance work or other topics: Contact us! Our service technicians will answer your questions, assess your problem based on your description and help you to solve it.


HAMANN marine sewage treatment plants have an established reputation for being extremely reliable. Nevertheless, problems can occur and if they do, we are there for you with prompt and qualified field service either through a HAMANN certified service station close to you or through HAMANN AG direct. Our qualified and experienced HAMANN service technicians are ready for worldwide deployment on board.


To get your new HAMANN marine sewage treatment plant set-up and running perfectly from day one, we recommend having one of our qualified and experienced HAMANN service technicians to do the commissioning on board. He will make all the settings based on your specific situation on board and give your crew an overview of the few simple steps to operate the plant correctly.


Having your HAMANN marine sewage treatment plant inspected and serviced by a qualified HAMANN service technicians on a regular basis pays out in the long run. The system status and the condition of all critical components and wearing parts will be checked. Potential sources of malfunction can be detected and dealt with before they generate a major problem. System software can be updated and settings can be adjusted if needed.


HAMANN marine sewage treatment plants are extremely easy to operate. However, we recommend training the crew in the correct handling of the system installed on board. A trained crew will be able to operate the system at optimum efficiency. Each training programme will be designed individually taking into account the qualification and experience of your crew. A training can be held either on-site or online.


If your HAMANN plant has been in service for a long time or is in a bad overall condition, you may consider having your plant refurbished. A refurbishment includes the cleaning of the plant, the exchange of worn out parts and the upgrade of outdated components. After reassembly your HAMANN plant is once again in immaculate condition.