Remote support by HAMANN AG


While this is a difficult time for the world in general, facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a good time to talk about remote support. Technical equipment doesn’t care whether it is an appropriate time to cause trouble or not. So what to do when a customer can’t fix a problem himself and help won’t be able to get there in person? Remote support is the answer.

Remote support is a sustainable way to offer technical customer support, because it does not only make sense in a crisis situation. With all the audiovisual communication tools at hand today, many issues can be solved remotely without having to physically travel thousands of miles. And to reduce travel, specifically air travel, helps us in another crisis that has been pushed from the news top spot by the current virus: the climate crisis.

However, what is HAMANN REMOTE SUPPORT able to do for our customers?

First of all, our highly skilled service engineers will communicate with the customer via telephone or email to narrow down the problem. Then, they will set up a videocall and the customer’s mobile device will enable our service engineers to “come on board” and take a look at the plant or component themselves. Under the guidance of the HAMANN service engineers, the customer carries out the appropriate actions.

No special equipment is needed and the amount of time, effort and cost to set up a remote support session is far less than actually flying in a service engineer in person.

But off course there are limitations to what can be reasonably handled in a remote support session. The need to deploy a service engineer on location rises with the complexity of the issue at hand. Our experienced service team will advice our customers on what is the best way to deal with a given problem.