NEW: HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise for Baltic Sea and Alaskan waters

HAMANN AG launches sewage treatment plant for explorers and cruise ships operating in the Baltic Sea and Alaskan waters.

The HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise is IMO certified according to MEPC.227 (64) incl. 4.2 Special Areas and complies with the USCG requirements for Alaska certification.

In addition to the proven HAMANN air dissolved flotation technology (DAF), the new plant series uses two moving bed bioreactors (MBBR). Each system consists of four compact and lightweight modules that can be installed separately, even on different decks. Existing tanks on board the vessel may be converted to function as MBBR modules, saving additional space. With the HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise, HAMANN AG offers a highly customizable solution for both new builds and retrofitting.
The system requires minimal maintenance from the crew, especially by eliminating filters and membranes.
HAMANN offers the HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise for explorers and cruise ships of all sizes and manufactures every system exactly to the client’s specifications.

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