Sewage Treatment Plants
IMO certified to MEPC.227 (64)

Compact and lightweight
The plant‘s small footprint allows the installation in tight spaces.

Dismountable for retrofitting
When disassembled, the largest components are still small enough to fit through standard sized hatches and doors.

Minimal and clean maintenance work
Mechanical wearing parts are reduced to the absolute minimum. The open design gives easy access to all components for inspection and service. Without membranes or filters there are no dirty cleaning routines and no clogging.

Easy operation
Routine operation is completely automated. All relevant information on the system status are displayed on the touch-operated control panel.

Low operating costs
The minimum number of wearing parts, only one operating supply (flocculant) and low electrical consumption keep operating costs down.







on board (135 l/day)
People on board (180 l/day)Size W/L/H (m)Empty Weight (kg)Electrical consumption (kW)Vent connection (Inch)
01253.00022160.8/0.9/0.91652.1 kW1/2
0256.00044330.9/1.2/0.93152.3 kW1
0512.00088661.0/1.3/1.46802.6 kW1
1024.0001771331.2/1.6/1.88203.5 kW1
2048.0003552661.6/2.1/2.114505.2 kW1
4096.0007115332.3/2.5/2.319008.5 kW1
80192.000142210662.1/4.7/2.7470015.0 kW2

Passenger Other