HL-CONT Plus RiverCruise
Sewage Treatment Plants
Certified to Commission Directive 2012/49/EU

Compact, Modular and Lightweight
The plant‘s three compact and lightweight modules can be installed separate from each other, even on different decks. Existing tanks may be converted to function as MBBR-module saving additional space.

Low Maintenance Requirements
Our open design gives easy access for inspection and service. There are no membranes or filters to clean, service or replace. The system includes few wearing parts.

Easy Operation
Routine functions are completely automatic. System status is displayed on an easy-to-use digital touch screen.

Customization and Engineering Support
The HL-CONT Plus RiverCruise can be tailored to achieve your specific requirements.








SizeCapacity (t/day)Pre treatment
W/L/H (m)
Bio treatment
W/L/H (m)
Final treatment
W/L/H (m)

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